Dumbbell Workout Exercise Poster for Women 19"X27" Laminated - FITWIRR SHOP
Dumbbell Workout Exercise Poster for Women 19"X27" Laminated - FITWIRR SHOP
Dumbbell Workout Poster
Girl doing dumbbell exercises
Dumbbell Workout Exercise Poster for Women 19"X27" Laminated - FITWIRR SHOP
Dumbbell Exercise Poster for Women

Dumbbell Workout Exercise Poster for Women 19"X27" Laminated

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Want tight and toned abs, sculpted arms and shoulders, and hot-in-heels-legs?

Discover the best dumbbell exercises recommended by the World's Top Certified Personal Trainers for toning and tightening your body all over; Tank-Top Arms, Crop-Top Abs, and Hot-In-Heels-Legs.

Speed through your new body with these 35 Dumbbell Exercises for Women. These exercises are specifically selected to target your most trouble spots in the body.

Get ready to torch fat and calories like crazy... and rev up your metabolism all day long.

Add these dumbbells moves to your fitness routine and build some metabolism-boosting muscles while toning and sculpting your entire body.

You don't need fancy gym exercise equipment to sculpt a better body.

All you need is a pair of Dumbbells and this Workout Exercise Poster to shape your body.

This Dumbbell Exercise Poster is the secret body makeover you've been looking for.

Simply hang the poster in your home or workout area and reference it each time you work out.

No more guessing what exercises work what body parts and how to do it correctly.

Our Dumbbell Workout Exercise Poster will show you the absolute best exercises to shape, tone and tighten your body and is specially designed to clearly show you how to execute the essential exercises to build the body you always wanted.

The poster shows how many sets/reps and the number of exercises to do per body part. It totally takes the guessing out of the workout and relies upon nothing but the latest scientific finding.

Poster Features:

  • 35 best dumbbell exercises
  • Dimensions: 19"X27" laminated poster 
  • Exercises by muscle groups/ body part
  • Recommended number of exercises per body part
  • Recommended reps/ sets for your specific fitness goal
  • Professionally designed/ clearly illustrated to show correct form for each exercise.
  • Exercises selected by certified personal trainers with over a decade of experience clients just like you. 
  • Premium Quality Printing.
  • Full-seal lamination. WATERPROOF. 
    Poster Dimensions: Width “19" x Height “27"

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    * Laminated

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