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Black Mini Resistance Band Loop
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Lying side leg lift

Mini Exercise Bands: Set of 5 Mini-Bands + 24"X36" Workout Poster

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High-End Mini Exercise Bands (Mini-Band: our 10" by 2" heavy duty resistance loop bands come in 5 varying resistance levels. Made of the highest quality rubber to ensure maximum life.

5 Levels of Resistance:

  • X-Light (Green)
  • Light (Blue)
  • Medium (Yellow)
  • Heavy (Red)
  • X-Heavy (Black)

The mini-bands give you a wide range of resistance for all your workout, rehabilitation, or strength development needs.

Perfect for Every Fitness Level: Whether you are just starting to workout or a seasoned workout warrior, bands bring the perfect challenge to your workouts.

Full-Body Band Workouts: mini-bands can be used to work full body including arms, abs, glutes, and legs. You can perform a wide range of mini-band exercises including "It-band exercises”, “glute bridge”, and “lateral walks”.

These mini exercise bands are ideal for physical therapy, rehabilitation programs, warmups, and general fitness.

You can do endless of exercises with these exercise bands. For more exercises for these mini exercise bands, check out our “Mini-Loops Exercise Poster”.

Free bonus: Carrying bag included

Great for the gym, home, travel and office use!