Workout Posters for men

Set of 3 Exercise Workout Posters for Men Laminated 18"X24"

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These 3 workout exercise posters for men present more than 71 exercises in total. They serve as blueprints for the men who're just getting started doing resistance training to build a better body.

With these exercise posters, you can ensure you're doing the right exercises for the selected body part. Each poster also shows how to execute exercise correctly and safely to maximize the benefits of every workout and reduce the risk of injury.

The set of 3 posters includes (Dumbbell, BodyweightStability Ball Workout Poster). Perfect for hanging at your home/gym.

Individual workout posters available:

All posters are laminated, fully sealed to last a lifetime! They are waterproof and sweatproof, so you can sweat all you want without damaging them.

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